Sucessful Snugatti™ Mission

Jill Garnet

Tags Best Dog Bed Ever, Nestable Dog Bed, Training Lap Dogs

Milo & Otis Learned in a blink of an eye to get off the couch and more importantly OUT of the Human Bed before the baby arrives - their owners used the Snugatti™ as the reward carried them room to room for a few days to get them to understand the new house rules! Snugatti™ Success

Love This Boys Courage

OMG I'm Almost In Tears A Very Special Boy gets his Snugatti™ in the mail - General the Huskaroo was born with deformed front legs and we wanted to see if he could navigate our design so we sent him one … He sure looks adorable!!!!

LYLA - Update Special Needs Girl Adopted From Mojo's Hope with her Snugatti™

Jill Garnet

Tags Mojo's Hope Adoption Special Needs Bully

From Mojo's Hope: We cannot express enough joy with the home that Lyla has chosen! Jeff is an amazing, kind hearted man who really took the time to think about adoption before diving in. He had been thinking about several different dogs, which he told us about from the very beginning and we greatly appreciated his honesty. After meeting Lyla, well he just couldn't get her out of his mind and he was very pleased with our adoption process along with the support we have given Lyla during her stay with us. When we see that smiling face non-stop, we...

Salmonfest!!!!! 5 days away!

Jill Garnet

I Really Lucked Out with Ariane - She is a True Ninja Sewer and is making great progress on our Inventory for Salmonfest as we are breezing through 1000 pounds of stuffing - Check out Salmonfest Tickets on sale:  

Bucky Steals A Piece Of Our Heart - RIP

Jill Garnet

Tags RIP Bucky Senior Sled Dog

Glad we could comfort Bucky in his last days over the last half of year he was our ultimate senior Prototype tester and his frail old body was supported thoroughly by his much loved Snugatti™ - RIP Bucky - Much Love Dave and TC for your loss

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